Dinosaur Museums:

Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia

British Natural History Museum Galleries

California Academy of Sciences, Life Through Time

College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum

Dinosaur Hall at the Smithsonian

Dinosaur State Park

Fundy Geological Museum, Nova Scotia

Honolulu Community College Dinosaur Exhibit

Museo de la Plata, Argentina

Museum of the Rockies

Northern Maine Museum of Science

Peabody Museum, Age of Reptiles

Royal Ontario Museum, The Maiasaur Project

Russian Dinosaurs

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History

The Dinosaur Museum

The Dinosaur World Tour

The Field Museum of Natural History Exhibits

The Hunterian Museum, Dinosaurs

The Museum of Victoria

The Tate Museum

University of Wyoming Geological Museum

WMNH Dinosaur Galleries