1809 February 12
Charles Robert Darwin was born at The Mount in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. He was named after his uncle (Charles) who had died a few years back, and his father (Robert).

1817 Spring
Darwin attended Mr. Case's grammar school in Shrewsbury. He was a rather shy and reserved boy who invented wild stories, and showed off his athletic skills to the other boys. He was also very mischievous, and enjoyed being the center of attention in the household.

1817 July 15
Darwin's mother, Susannah, died when he was eight years old.

1817 August
The burial of a Dragoon soldier outside Mr. Case's school at Saint Chad's parish church made a lasting impression on Darwin.

1818 September
Darwin joined his brother, Erasmus, at Shrewsbury Grammar School, run by the Revd. Samuel Butler. The focus of study was Greek and Roman reading and grammar. He developed a great fondness of Shakespeare and Byron during this time. As an aside, Darwin was referred to as "Bobby" by his family during his childhood.

He and his brother setup a chemistry lab in the tool shed of the garden. Darwin enjoyed chemistry a great deal and it was during this time that he learned the basic principles of scientific experimentation.

1822 October
His brother, Erasmus, left home to study medicine at Christ's College, Cambridge University.

1825 June 17
Darwin's father took him out of Shrewsbury school due to his poor grades and his having no direction in life. It is ironic to think that at this time his father castigated Darwin for his idleness, claiming that if he carried on this way he would end up being a disgrace to himself and his family. Apparently Darwin cared for nothing but shooting birds, playing with dogs, and catching rats!

1825 Summer
Darwin spent the summer working as an assistant in his father's medical practice.