"As far as I can judge of myself I worked to the utmost during the voyage from the mere pleasure of investigation, and from my strong desire to add a few facts to the great mass of facts in natural science."
-- Charles Darwin

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How Darwin organized his data.

Oct. 1805 - Dec. 1831:
Events leading to the Voyage
The Napoleonic Wars
South American trade relations
The Hydrographic Office
Early H.M.S. Beagle history
About the second Beagle Survey
The search for a Naturalist
Charles Darwin receives a letter
The adventure of a lifetime
Dec. 1831 - Feb. 1832:
Crossing the Atlantic Ocean
H.M.S. Beagle leaves Plymouth
Tour of Madeira & Canary islands
Landfall at the Cape Verde islands
Feb. 1832 - Jan. 1833:
The Beagle arrives at Brazil
Survey work at Rio de Janeiro
Survey work at Buenos Aires
Two boats hired to assist surveys
Violent storms at Tierra del Fuego
Jan. 1833 - Nov. 1833:
The Mission is started
A visit to the Falkland Islands
Darwin leads the Gaucho life
Darwin explores Buenos Aires
Darwin explores the Rio Negro
Nov. 1833 - Jun. 1834:
Return to the mission
Falkland Islands, revisited
Expedition up the Rio Santa Cruz
The Beagle rounds the Cape
Jun. 1834 - Apr. 1835:
Arrival at Valparaiso
Darwin's 1st Andes expedition
FitzRoy's nervous breakdown
Survey of Chiloe Island
Survey of Earthquake damage
Darwin's 2nd Andes expedition
Darwin's 3rd Andes expedition
FitzRoy saves the HMS Challenger
Survey of the Peru coastline
Apr. 1835 - Oct. 1835:
Survey of Galapagos Archipelago
Oct. 1835 - Mar. 1836:
Into the Pacific Ocean
Tahiti is Spotted
Arrival at New Zealand
The Beagle in Australia
Exploring Tasmania
Mar. 1836 - Oct. 1836:
Exploring the Cocos Islands
The Begale arrives at South Africa
Arrival at St. Helena Island
The return to South America
The Azores are Spotted
Finally home in England!
The Fate of the Beagle